Rinai down tonight, serinai my heart. I glanced at the clock on hand, at 9 pm. It's almost 4 hours I waited. The streets began to empty of passers city activities.

Reverie shattered when a Blackberry message to my entry.

"Honey, I've got to Medan. Careful at home ... I'll be home in two days. Love you ...", the message from my husband.

Cleansed from her message, "Thank God, got ya baby? Take care yourself ya! See you in two days! Already miss you. And love you too ..."
Soon, a car came out of the office not far from where I was waiting. "Follow that car pack, keep your distance ...", I told the driver of the taxi.

We circled around and heading aimlessly, not knowing where to be. But I knew. It has been several months now I suspect. I just need proof. I need to see with my own eyes. Three days ago I found a lipstick stain on my husband's work clothes. There were stains on white shirts, in the part that should have been covered by a jacket that is usually worn during office hours. Of course, it's not lipstick lipstick. Bright red lipstick. I once tried to wear bright red lipstick, but my husband does not like. He commented, "Menor, I do not like you to wear it."

And I agree. I did not fit in and do not deserve to wear colors like that.But lately I know, is not really a reason menor or tacky as it says, but it reminded him of his dream to another. Noda has a lot to tell me.
Finally, the car began to walk slowly on a road with dim lighting. Though not yet midnight, but has many hawkers-hookers hanging around. Dressed in skimpy and tight, slow approaching cars pulled over. With seductive flirtatious gestures, lips or hair playing with a full appreciation.
The car in front of me kept walking slowly, without ignoring them.My heart fluttered continuously, between fear and hope that what I thought had been wrong. On the other hand, I have to be ready to accept the reality.

Man I love, my husband, my soul mate, in this place, in a set of human beings should be avoided.
Then, the car stopped. Right under the street lights, bright red lipstick looks shiny. I knew it was him. He opened the front passenger door, sit down and give their views and a knowing smile to the driver, my husband!
After that, the car sped away."Do not follow anymore, sir. I'm not strong," I said with a shaky voice, "Take me home ..."
Taxi edged move, the tears were very desperate. How is this possible? How is this possible? My heart and my logic revolted at what I had seen.

I looked back, stifling sight for the last time. Hangout the men who lost their identity and take her identity.

 ***It turns out that sometimes likes to write fiction tidal passion for menggelutinya. To that end, earlier this year there will be a project for people interested in trying to write Flash Fiction or mini story and want to hone writing skills, in order to both learn and keep the spirit because not alone.

So, who kepengin follow, point hand yaaaa! ^ ___ ^

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