Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Review: Expressions Colors contact lenses

Colored contacts are fun way to change your appearance slightly, and in my case contacts change my everyday appearance quite radically, since I need to use glasses all the time.

These colored contacts are from, and this time I chose to get blue lenses instead of green that I usually use. I ended up getting Expressions Colors in blue:

Expressions Colors Blue are described as:

Expressions Colors is a coloured monthly lens from Cooper Vision that is painted opaque in order to change the color of dark eyes, for example to make your brown eyes look blue. These contact lenses are to be taken out during the night, cleaned and disinfected and be replaced after four weeks with a fresh pair. Previously sold under the name Frequency Colors.

Color of the contacts isn't actually a crazy super-blue, but very natural color:

In indoors it's actually quite hard to even notice that they are contacts, they are really natural looking, unless you look really close.

In sunlight they actually are almost crazy blue!

My eyes aren't very sensitive, so I didn't have any problems with these, they didn't itch or scrape of anything. Of course after hours of wearing them my eyes got a bit tired, but that's normal for me when using contacts.

I also used these lenses with my recent peacock look:

I happen to have step-by-step photos of this look... ;)

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