Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Photoshoot: Piece of Panda

At Lush's Emotion Brilliance event I met some Finnish bloggers (thanks you girls, it was so much fun!), and one of them was supercute T from Piece of Panda blog.

We started to think ideas for makeup and photoshoot with her, and here's some pics I took of her :)

The first look was light and glowy and bright and fun:

For Panda's eyes I used Lime Crime Coral of the Story on lid, Sugarpill Flamepoint on crease and Illamasqua Breathe on browbone, with Marliss#159 lashes.
I wanted to get something special to the look, so I also used some bright and orange rhinestones.

The second look we made was darker, more rock:

She saw my old photos where I had done a Lady Gaga look for my friend J, and she also wanted to get the huge hairbow:

 I used Sugarpill Bulletproof on lid, blended it with Sugarpill 2am, and again used Illamasqua's Breathe for highlighter. To the middle of the lid I added some Eye Kandy Confetti glitter to bring a bit of sparkle.

Lashes are Sugarpill Dreamy false lashes.

For the lips I chose Lime Crime Chinchilla.

Special mention of the awesome jewellery Panda had:

The edgy earrings, necklace and ring were from Glitter, as well as the feather/skull scarf she used.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lush Emotional Brilliance

Lush invited bloggers to get a sneak peek of their new cosmetic line, Emotional Brilliance (or Tunteiden Loisto in finnish). Because I love Lush's products, I definitely wanted know more about their cosmetic line!

First we got candy!

  Emotional Brilliance is about wearing the right color to match your psychological needs. There are 30 beautiful shades of lipsticks, liquid eyeliners and cream shadows along with mascara, translucent powder, highlighter and bronzer.

all the products, except the ones I forgot from the pic, like the translucent powder... :P

The process of selling the products is a game where you spin the Emotional Brilliance Color Wheel. You then choose first three colors that you're most drawn to. Each color represents and is named for a word used in therapy sessions and the colors you choose supposedly help you with your everyday life. I.e. using color called Strong makes you stronger etc. 

First colour choice symbolises your strength or weakness, second resonates with your primary subconscious need, your third choice represents your talent, the thing that will help you to achieve that subconscious need.

As fun as it sounds, I didn't spin the wheel, so now I'll never know what's really going on in my head. :(

Somehow I believe that I'll still manage just fine without color reading ;D

Here's Piece of panda's three picks:

Pour some water under the picked colors...

.... and it's like magic, the water turns into mystic steam!

Like said earlier, the line holds 30 different colors, so there's really a lot to pick from (except that you're not supposed to pick the color you like but the color that... nevermind, carry on :P).

Every color can be used on the lips, lids and as a liner. At least theoretically. 

Approximately half of the bottles come with lip brush, and other half comes with eyeliner brush. You can get separate brushes from Lush if you want to use your "eyeliner" as a eyeshadow, or lipstick as a liner or something.

Color range is wide. The ones marked for lips come in screaming orange, deep red, wild purple and electric pink for example, and the "eye colors" almost make Lime Crime uniliners jealous by coming in colors such as bright yellow, true green, metallic purple and sky blue.

Sensaisti's pants, candies and Lifted matches each other perfectly!


This batch of blue liners were totally dry,
 I was told that they were faulty.

"TRY ME", they screamed..

..and I tried. Please don't ask me what color is what, I have no idea anymore. :(

 First of, most of them were pigmented. Extremely so. Especially the reds and blues and yellows really stained. I personally think that staining isn't good quality, but I guess somebody likes it.

This one was really pretty color , called Focus, it was pearly grey with beautiful blue shimmer.

We each got to choose one product from the collection, Piece of panda picked Intuitive, pretty shimmery yellow-green color:

 I ended up picking Dynamic, which is beautiful gold-toned peachy color:

 Today, the talent you have or need is: ‘DYNAMIC!’ Make waves with this aspirational colour and wear it to enhance your spirit.  You know what you are today – to the point, effective and able to achieve in all that you do.

The brush is quite tiny, but I found out that it's quite wobbly, I prefer sturdier brushes with my liners.

Swatch photo on lid, indoors, with flash:

Outdoors, blended on lid, used as liner on lower lashline (sorry about the messy line):

Blended to cheek:

Used on lips, it just didn't blend evenly on lips:

Whole makeup with Lush Dynamic (as eyeshadow, blush/highlighter & lipstick):

Emotional Brilliance is availabl eJuly 21, 2012 in all LUSH stores worldwide and online at

Friday, July 20, 2012

For JWolf

Rakastan sinua rakas aviomieheni. Kunnes kuolema meidät erottaa, jos sekään.

(It's our 5th wedding anniversary today, I wanted to dedicate a post just for my husband <3)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tutorial: Little Miss Jangsara

 One of my readers, Starla, asked me to do a tutorial of Amelia Arsenic's Little Miss Militia look: - Check out to see what she used for her original look and check her out anyway, she's pretty awesome!

I decided to use as much Sugarpill products as possible, and I didn't want to cut any of my falsies, so my version isn't exactly the same as hers, but I think it's still quite close:

First I started with the contact lens. Mine is UV-blue from, because they were the closest I had:

Next I did the brow with black pencil:

Then I applied white base (NYX jumbo Pencil Milk & Sugarpill Tako), and added a line to point where the eyeliner goes:

Next I used black shadow (Sugarpill Bulletproof) to sketch the shape of the eyeshadow:

Then some more black shadow (SP Bulletproof) to add more shape:

Then I used a black gel liner to shape the edges, and also added the line for lower lashline.

 OPTIONAL: I used Sugarpill Lumi to blend the black a bit, you may use this if you don't have any glitters:

Next I applied Eye Kandy Cosmetics Confetti glitter to the transition point between black and white:

Then I added some more black and white to make the look more balanced:

Then I used a black gel liner (MAC blacktrack) to line my upper lashline:

I added a small amount of Sugarpill Absinthe to lower inner corner (Sugarpill Acidberry suits also well!):

And finally I added lashes, Sugarpill Flutter lashes on upper lashline and Sugarpill Porcelain lashes on lower lashline. If you want, you can cut the lower lashes to match the original look better.

Annnnnnnnd it done!

Pair with red lips (Illamasqua Sangers), light skin and bold attitude!

Funny enough, I found out today that I'm apparently nominated  for the Cosmopolitan Established beauty blog award!