Friday, June 1, 2012

Tutorial: Plan Nautilus from outer space

Time to get crazy with Sugarpill Heart Breaker!

First prime your lid with your favourite primer. I then used a small amount of NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk to lighten up my lid a bit:

Then I actually started drawing some scribbles to my lid with black liner, like this:

At this point I had some idea of what I was about to, so I made the lines thicker with NYT Jumbo pencil Black Bean:

Next I took Sugarpill's Mochi shadow, and applied it to the areas I left light :

Then I took Sugarpill Velocity, and applied it over the dark areas:

Some more Mochi, to whole lid area except the middle part:

To the middle are I added Sugarpill Tako:

Next step was to lighter up the light parts even more with NYX Jumbo pencil Milk:

Next Sugarpill 2am, I added to EVERYWHERE! No really, just to the brow, outer corner, and lower lashline:

..But it wasn't enough! I added 2am also to upper lashline, more to lower lashline, between the lines in outer corner.. :

Then I lined my eye with black liner:

Added false lashes to both upper (Sugarpill Daydreamer lashes ) and lower lashline:

Finally I added glitter. Lot's of it. (E.L.F. Stardust glitter liner)

Don't ask me where you could use this kind of makeup :D But may this serve as a sample of the new Sugarpill Heart Breaker palette. ;D

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