Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tutorial: Barbie pink

Time for something a bit more wearable :D

I'm having somekind of writes block, so I really haven't gotten any post done. Pictures are ready, but the text is lacking, and I can't seem to force myself to write the text.. :S

Start with priming your lid with primer:

Then apply light pink shadow (Lime Crime Royal Flush) to the middle of the lid:

NExt apply darker pink /purple (Sugarpill 2am) to outer corner and crease and blend upwards:

Then apply light/white shadow to inner corner (Sugarpill Tako):

Also apply white/light shadow to highlight, you can blend the darker color with the lighter pink if needed:

Then add some darker color to half way to your lashline:

OPTIONAL: Line your upper lashline with pink-purple liner (Lime Crime Orchidaceous unliner):

Line your upper lashline with black liner (Lime Crime Quill unliner):

Apply mascara and false lashes if needed:

Done! (Lashes are Ardell #305)

Sorry, I can't remember what I used on my lips :S

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