Sunday, June 3, 2012

(Tutorial:) Poison Ivy

So, yesterday night I found this site with thousands of cosplay pics from different conventions, and the one character that kept popping up was Poison Ivy. The outfits were usually very well put together, but usually the makeup was somehow dull.

So that gave me an inspiration to do my own version of Poison Ivy.

There are a few popular Poison Ivy styles; The Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy from the 90's film, the different versions from the comics, and the Batman: Arkham Asylum version. 

I like some parts of all of them, but I wanted to add my own twist to it. I didn't want to make just a sexy woman with red lips and hair and poison ivy leaves, but something a bit more sinister, but still kinda hot.

This is how it came out:

This is how I did it:

First I made a normal base to my face (primer, foundation), then I drew thin vein-like lines all over my face (mostly to temples and side of my face, not too much but still noticeable).

Then I applied basic lash glue (mine was Duo lash glue) over the green lines:

I let the glue to dry, and when it was dried enough, I applied some dark color around the glue to make more depth to the veins. Then I did the makeup itself:

I actually did super basic dark smokey eye, I used black base for lid (MAC Slick Black greasepaint stick), Sugarpill Bulletproof over Slick Black, then dark green from 120 palette, and blended the edges with Sugarrpill Acidberry and Illamasqua Vernau. 

I made the brow really arched, I used basic brown brow pencil and OCC Botanical liptar to create the kinda mossylike finish.

And finally Sugarpill Flutter false lashes:

For the lips I used concealer, and OCC Botanical liptar, kinda looking that it would be oozing from my mouth:

Then some highlighter and blush to make the skin look natural:

And finally a super-cheap red wig (it's some kind of cheap Jessica Rabbit wig from costumeshop) and some fake ivy leafs, and I also patted a hint of green color also to the hairline of the wig to make it look like the hair was also "infected" of the veins/moss:

And the look is done!

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