Friday, June 29, 2012

Photoshoot: Try ALL the looks!

I haven't had a model in a long time, but I was able to finally lure someone to be guinea pig for my makeup experiments :D

We did three different looks, and this was the first one:

For the eyes I used:
-Sugarpill Bulletproof (lid)
 Poison Plum (crease)
2am (blending)
Acidberry   (lower lashline)
- TBN glitters Pixie (upper lid)
 Neon Yellow (lower lashline).

The lashes are Illamasqua's most perfect lashes ever, Decadence lashes.

On the lips is MakeupGeek's lipstick Famous, and blush is Illamasqua's Morale.

Second look was much simpler, something pin-upish:

MakeupGeek eyeshadows:

Beaches and Cream

Purely Naked

Latte & Mocha

MakeupGeek Elegant

ColorClub Red Dress lipgloss

Bluesh is Illamasqua Naked Rose

 And then the final crazy look, mainly this was inspired by the wig.. :


Sugarpill Mochi (lid)

Velocity (crease, outer corner)

Tako (Around the eyes)

Darling (sprinkled around eyes)

Royal Sugar 
(sprinkled around eyes)

Upper lashes are # 159 from Marlliss and lower lashes are Paperself lashes called Small Peonies

Lips are Illamasqua Apocalips mixed with Illamasqua Violate lipgloss.

It was so fun to do makeup and photograph again, own face can get boring after a while :D

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