Monday, June 11, 2012

Tutorial: Galaxy

Time of another crazy look with tutorial!

In the Plan Nautilus from outer space tutorial I originally was inspired by nebulas and galaxies, but it turned out to be something different, so I wanted to do a real galaxy look too. 

First prime your lid, and apply black base to whole lid and up to brow, just leave a small area untouched (depending how much space you have between lid and brow):

Then apply white base to the part you left untouched:

Then use white shadow in the middle of the white area (I used Sugarpill Tako), and apply some electric blue shadow randomly around the white (Sugarpill Velocity):

Next add pink/purple shadow (I used Sugarpill 2am) around the white and to blend the blue spots a bit:

Blue = Velocity, Purple = 2am = White = Tako:

Next I added some more random spots with Sugarpill Mochi:

Result looks something like this:

Then the fun part, the stars! 

You need a toothbrush (preferably maybe non-used, clean and not your only one!), some water, white eyeshadow (the kind that can be used with water) and then use just use your finger to spray the color from the toothbrush to your lid. It might be first a bit tricky, since you gotta keep your eye closed, but don't give up :D I also used a bit of Sugarpill Lumi to bring extra spark to the stars:

Then you just add liner to upper and lower lashline, and falsies. Mine are Sugarpill Spark False Eyelashes:

And your crazy galaxy look is done!

I'll be posting soon some more serious makeups too, don't worry. :P

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