Monday, June 18, 2012

Tutorial: Spiderman

The new Spiderman movie is coming soon, are you excited already?

After my Avengers series, I've had a lot of requests to do other superheroes, comic book characters etc, and since Spidey has cool colors and textures, I decided to do Spiderman makeup.

For starters I want to apologize that my hand maybe wasn't the steadiest when doing this, and my choice of falsies be might a bit wrong, but hey, it's just makeup, let's not take it too seriously ;P

Start with primer, and then apply blue shadow (Sugarpill Royal Sugar) to inner 2/3 of your lid:

Then apply black shadow to the outer corner:

Next start applying red (Lime Crime Fly Dragon Fly) to crease and above

Apply some black to crease, blend upwards with the red:

Then take white liner (Illamasqua Scribe or Lime Crime Lunar Sea) and start making a web pattern. I wanted the web to be "attached" to my brow, and start from my upper lashline:

Draw the web and then extend the start of the web to line your upper lashline (Hopefully you are better webspinners than I am ):

Add a thin black line really close to your lashline, and apply some depth to the web pattern with black if needed:

Next I did the brow, I went with dark brown color:

Then I applied red shadow to my lower lashline, along with thin black line:

I thought the look needed some sparkle, so I added some MAC Reflects Rust glitter over the red shadow, and I also lined my waterline with bright blue and black liner:

Then I applied mascara:

And finally false lashes:

Finally I finished the look with screaming red lips (Lime Crime Candy Apple gloss):

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