Monday, August 27, 2012

Review & Swatches: Killer Lips - glitter lip tattoos

I found these interesting looking lip tattoos from our local clothing store (Seppälä), and since they were at sale I decided to give them a try. They definitely aren't for everyday use, but maybe they could work in photoshoots or similar?

Each package comes with two tattoos, so if you mess up the first, you'll have a back-up.

As far as I've understood, using these is quite identical to Violent Lips/Passion Lips/etc.

First the Champagne Sparkle:

First you pop the tattoo out of the card, and then by using scissors you cut it to the shape that is similar to your lips-:

Then you press them in place on your lips, and apply a small amount of water , so that the "tattoo" transfers to lips:

Then you peel the paper away, and tadah, you have yourself a glitter lip:

I maay have overestimated the size of my upper lip from the sides...

After some scrubbing and fixing the result looked like this:

At first it's smooth and nice...:

But after moving your lips (talking etc) it wrinkles and becomes dry looking:

Then the Pink Fizz:

This time with maybe a bit better cutting...

Before pressing it firmly in place...

and ready.

Overall opinion:

They feel horrible on my lips. It's like I'd dipped my lips into glue. These also aren't very lasting. Theoretically they are "eating proof", but I found that they start to peel of if something (air, water, oil) gets in between the tattoo in lip.

Personally I think these are great for photoshoots, where they can be applied quickly and they don't have to last all day.

You can get these from Amazon and Ebay if you want.

Finally one gold look (with Sugarpill Goldilux) where I used Chanpagne Sparkle lip tattoo:

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Review: Expressions Colors contact lenses

Colored contacts are fun way to change your appearance slightly, and in my case contacts change my everyday appearance quite radically, since I need to use glasses all the time.

These colored contacts are from, and this time I chose to get blue lenses instead of green that I usually use. I ended up getting Expressions Colors in blue:

Expressions Colors Blue are described as:

Expressions Colors is a coloured monthly lens from Cooper Vision that is painted opaque in order to change the color of dark eyes, for example to make your brown eyes look blue. These contact lenses are to be taken out during the night, cleaned and disinfected and be replaced after four weeks with a fresh pair. Previously sold under the name Frequency Colors.

Color of the contacts isn't actually a crazy super-blue, but very natural color:

In indoors it's actually quite hard to even notice that they are contacts, they are really natural looking, unless you look really close.

In sunlight they actually are almost crazy blue!

My eyes aren't very sensitive, so I didn't have any problems with these, they didn't itch or scrape of anything. Of course after hours of wearing them my eyes got a bit tired, but that's normal for me when using contacts.

I also used these lenses with my recent peacock look:

I happen to have step-by-step photos of this look... ;)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Everyday favorites!


I though I'd make a post about the products I use the most.

I didn't include primers and foundation, because I change them almost daily, but most of these products listed here are in my everyday use.

Here we go, first one is

Perfect shade for almost any day-look. Makes cheeks look soft, natural and healthy. Amazingly pigmented, so even if used daily, it'll last a long time, since you only need a hint of it.

As a bonus it smells really good :D

Next is my favorite brush, not sure if I could bland well without this:

Perfect brush for blending. I also have the blending brushes from Sigma's "normal" collection, but they're not nearly as good as this one. This just has it all.

I rarely go out without eyeliner, and my favorite ones are the gel liners:

Joe Blasco eyeliner & MAC Blacktrack fluidline and Joe Blasco Ultra UEM brush:

Joe Blasco's gel liner is the blackest gel liner I've ever seen, and it's almost perfect for waterline. It's a bit greasy though, so you need to have a good primer if you're gonna use it on upper lashline.

MAC Blacktrack is also almost perfect, and as a bonus it dries on lid, unlike the Blasco one, so it can be easily used on upperlashline too. And it lasts, and lasts and lasts... :D

I got the brush I originally got with the Blasco's liner, and it instantly came my favorite eyeliner brush. It's slighly angled, and TINY. You can make both heavy lines, and also the most thinnest lines with this brush.

I know I'm known for my colorful extreme looks, but in "real life" I often use neutral colors. This summer I think I've used purple once, but otherwise just neutrals. And best neutrals are:

My favorite colors are: Beaches & Cream, Bada Bing, Purely Naked, Latte, Mocha and Cocoa Bear and Vanilla Bean as a highlighter.

I usually apply light color to lid,  darker shadow to crease, and again light color to highlight.

If I want really natural look, I use Beaches & Cream to lid and Purely Naked to crease, and if I want to get something neutral but classic, I use Beaches & Cream to lid, Bada Bing to crease, blend them with Mocha, and apply Vanilla Beam to highlight.

For perfect smokey eye I use Bada Bing on lid, blended upwards with Latte.

There's one thing I wouldn't go out without, and that's my brows.

I have really light brows, and without any color in them, I look like I wouldn't have any brows at all, so coloring them is really crucial to me. And fortunately I have a perfect solution for them:

This is the kit that came with the brow stencils, but I haven't really used them. What I use daily, is the brush and mix of both brow shadows. For me the mix of colors is perfects, and I really love the brush that came with the kit, it's sturdy and soft and you can make really thin lines with it if you want.

Here's a few example looks done with the products mentioned in this post:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photoshoot: Panda-Diablo III


I have tons of posts queued, gazillion pictures ready, but the text is lacking, I just haven't found any time to write any posts, and I'm really sorry for that.

You, my readers, are the reason I'm having my blog, so I feel bad that I can't post all the time. 

I have suffered from severe depression for over ten years, and sometimes it unfortunately affects my blogging. I just can't find motivation to write, especially when there has been a long break, and I have to break the blog silence with something. I don't want the post to be too boring, but something that would be worth the wait. 

I know most of these feelings and thoughts are only inside my head, but there's where they matter to me.

I just want to apologize and ask you to bear with me.

But after this non-makeup related information, the Diablo III look.

Panda from Piece of Panda blog was going to Assembly (it's a Finnish demoscene and gaming event) and she wanted something geeky for her makeup. 

After some pondering, we decided to go with Diablo III look, inspired by this pic:

Here's the design I made:

And here's the final result:

Sugarpill Bulletproof, Lime Crime Fly Dragon Fly, Sugarpill Goldilux and Eye Kandy Cosmetics Banamarama and Candy Apple glitters 

Photography & Makeup: Jangsara

After I did this look, I got a request to do a look inspired by character from Diablo, called Magda (or Maghda, I'm not sure):

Here's my original design based on that picture:

The result was something a bit different:

I used mainly Manly 120 palette and Lime Crime eyeliners.