Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Neener Neener Nails (N3) Nail Polish Pictures!

Today I have some polishes from Neener Neener Nails (N3) to show you!  This is an 'indie' brand of polish that is sold in their shop on Etsy.

How cute is this?!

First up is "Snow Confetti", which has a white creamy base and fine, multicolored glitters. LOVE.   3-ish layers:

Next is "Butterfly Kisses", a sheer pink base with blue and pink hex glitters and pink butterfly glitters too! I wanted to see how this looked on it' own. This was 4 layers. I loved how shiny it was:

And, of course, I had to see what this looked like layered over a baby pink creme (Julep Penelope).  So gorgeous!

Then we have "Naughty 'N Nice", a sheer red base with gold and red hexes and bar glitters. Again, I wanted to see how this looked on it' own. This was 3 layers:

And here's "Naughty 'N Nice" over gold (Zoya Ziv):

Last but not least- "Ice Princess". This has a sheer seafoam base and blue/teal hex glitters and large star glitters. 2 layers:

And this is one layer of "Ice Princess" over teal creme (Zoya Wednesday):

I loved these polishes and thought the application was great. Some of the glitters had to be fished out (I'm looking at you butterflies and stars :) but they were not troublesome at all to apply, and I found the sheer bases to be ultra shiny!!

You can purchase these polishes and see a ton more in their Etsy shop here! 

Which one is your favorite??

***Disclosure: Polishes in this post provided for review***

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