Sunday, November 25, 2012

China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil "Worlds Away" Collection: My Picks

There are only a few times during the year when the anticipation of a collection's release really sends me over the edge with obsession. The latest to do so is China Glaze's Cirque Du Soleil inspired collection, "Worlds Away".  I was able to pick up some (half the collection) recently and I COULD NOT WAIT to get them on my nails!

First up, "Running In Circles" (bright emerald green with a glass fleck finish- 3 layers):

Next, "Water You Waiting For" (blue glitter mix-3 layers):

Next, "Get Carried Away"  (sheer black jelly base with black hex and stick glitters as well as silver and  coppery-rose colored hexes- 4 layers).  This was a little thick and would probably be best used as one single coat over an opaque creme base color:

Then, we have "It's A Trap-eze!" (creamy white base with multicolored rainbow glitter- 2 layers of deliciousness):

Here is one of my absolute favorites from this set- "Surreal Appeal" (almost neon coral creme- 2 layers) The formula was almost a one coater- great coverage:

And lastly, there's "Whirled Away" (clear base with big matte white hex glitters, medium black hexes, as well as black stick glitter) on top of "Surreal Appeal"...a match made in heaven:

This combination is my absolute favorite!!!

As you can see there are quite a few standout polishes (glitters imparticular) that comprise this set.  Beautiful, different, and definitely not what we have come to expect from a "main stream" companies. Do you know what this means? They are paying attention to the demand for new finishes as well as unique glitter combinations, which is excellent news!!

Are you going to be picking up any from the 'Worlds Away' collection?? They should be available everywhere in December!

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